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I'm a psychologist, writer and lecturer with a passion for helping people understand, unlock and change their patterns of behaviour to achieve their potential.


For over a decade now, I have chosen to work at the intersection of academia and applied psychology. I draw on psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience to help people navigate their professional and personal lives. I like to be creative around the tools I use, and have published a trilogy of personality guides and a recent board game "Who are you?" with Hachette UK to help people better understand themselves. When I am not writing, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at Ashoka University where I design and teach courses with the Centre of Social and Behaviour Change, including the Executive Education certificate: "How to Change a Life". My research has been featured by the BBC, The Atlantic, The World Economic Forum, among others and I regularly conduct workshops and one-on-one coaching on behaviour change. 


  • University of Cambridge, 2012-2016, PhD

  • University of Cambridge, 2010-2012, MPhil

  • University College London, 2007-2010, BSc


  • Behaviour Change

  • Personality Science   

  • Organisational Behaviour and Effectiveness



If you are looking for a speaker or facilitator for your next workshop, get in touch (or if you just want to bounce around some ideas!)

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