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I speak regularly on the application of behavioural science in our lives, through interactive lectures, masterclasses and workshops.


Recently, I led the design and core faculty teaching of a certificate in Behavioural Science at Ashoka University, and have taught Personality Science at an undergraduate, graduate and executive MBA level, at Cambridge University and Ashoka University.


My workshops include: 

Behavioural Design

In this introduction to behavioural design, I provide you with the behavioural scientist's toolkit. With application across any product, service or organisation, I demonstrate the behavioural design process that brings together the rigour of behavioural science with human centred design tools to solve even the most complex of problems. Expect case studies and practical tools that go beyond nudges! 


Behaviour Change at Work

How do we enable behavioural change in our work lives? In this workshop, I cover the range of ways we can use behavioural insights to develop tools and interventions for both individuals and organisations, from improving team dynamics, fostering well-being, to the science of goal-setting and focus. 


The Science of Personality

Our personality shapes all the important domains in our life, from our relationships, well-being to our career success. And yet, it turns out we don't really know each other, particularly ourselves. In this workshop, I debunk common myths on personality, help you discover your true traits, and demonstrate how you can stretch them to achieve your potential. Prepare to see how science helps you re-examine your inner life with some surprises. 


The Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships 

In a time of blurred work life balance and multiple selves, how do we navigate our relationships? In this talk, I overview what psychological science has to say about our relationships from our compatibility, the decision traps, poor habits and patterns of behaviour and the key to well-being in our interpersonal relationships.